I find that the biggest problem in many organizations and companies is that they do not address the problem. Often you here managers and leaders saying

    “- but in my organization we do not call it problems, we call it challenges”


EXCUSE ME – if you do not sell your product, you have a major problem, because you do not earn any money. It is not a challenge; it is a problem that needs to be dealt with.

“Find the problem – Fix the problem”

   Or maybe you have the incredible skilled people in research and development ( could just be the owner himself ), they make a lot of new features and extra things on the product – and the product will never be finished, because it can be just a little bit better. In fact, sometimes the problem here is that the people developing the product do not talk with the customer, and thereby they are creating something that the customer do not want – they should be selling, and learning from the customers need.

   I find a lot of good managers trying their best to make things happen and create results, but in order to do this you sometime need to have a person from the outside asking the right questions – to find the problem and fix the problem.

   I believe that it is very important to address the problem, in order to be able to find the crucial benefactors that actually makes the difference – and fix the problem.



   Very often, I find that the people I help in business actually like to and need to be pushed a little bit in their way of thinking. I honestly do not think they would hire me, if I did not dare to ask the questions. They know how to run their business, but need help reach a certain task or create a new change or decide next step in their business plan. In this situation, I believe it is my job to help them analyse the current situation by asking all the right questions. Helping them to bring a broader perspective to the decisions made, and thereby be totally convinced they were right and plan the next move.


   The task is always to be direct and blunt, but also be polite and diplomatic. Sometimes I have to provoke a certain thought and make them twist their arguments, in order to have the right point and view on the decisions made for the company.





   I believe that people always take the right decision, based on the knowledge they have at the specific moment. I do not believe that anybody deliberately take a wrong decision. Therefore, you can say that my job is to broaden the mind of the decision maker – make him able to see different angels on the same matter and this way be able to make the right decisions.



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