I do not believe in selling, I believe in making people interested in buying.

To some people there is not a lot of difference in these things, but you may have experienced an over ambitious sales person, that tried to sell something that you did not want. The result is that the customer is not satisfied with the purchase and the employee has to sell something that the customer do not want.

 - Selling is about creating a need in the customers mind.


 - Selling is about using the communication to convince the client.


 - Selling is about making the customer interested in buying your product.


Thus goes into every aspect of the process. If you make yourself interesting to the customer, the customer want to speak with you. If you make your product interesting, the customer will ask further. If the customer ask further, you can interested in buying.

The interesting part of this is...if you make the selling more interesting to the employees, they will be more interested in selling, and knowing the business – thereby able to make the customer interested in buying.


Contact me if you want to hear how we can help you open up the market or expand the market with your products or services.


Max take pride in bringing out the best in the products we distribute, and work very hard to make people interested in buying – and we are very good at this. The easy way to prove this is by the results – stop talking and start selling.




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