We don’t believe in selling, we believe in making people interesting in buying.


To some people there is not a lot of difference in these things, but to us there is:

 - Selling is about creating a need in the customers mind.

 - Selling is about using the communication to convince the client.

 - Selling is about making the customer interested in buying your product.


Max takes pride in bringing out the best in the products we distribute, and work very hard to make people interested in buying – and we are very good at this. The easiest way to prove this is by the results. Please contact us if you want to hear how we can help you open up or expand the market with your products or services. We are ready to STOP TALKING AND START SELLING and we are always interested in getting an invite for a cup of coffee to see, what we can do for you.


We offer four specific seminars

Our references can be used for you to get an insight in how we work with sales.

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