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When you have such a big change like this DSB has been busy so it is always good to others that help convey the message, it penetrates better through. It allows you to remote can go a little closer. It creates a process where it is allowed for employees to be critical and have turned their frustrations. And the ability to get it played up against the way, which is an important thing in the process, as you call it active learning.

Another important thing is when the journey is so long and you’ve been around for so long, then you have also helped to follow this whole journey and thus has a better insight and understanding of what is going on – not just in business but also among employees and managers. You can then better understand how to work with people. You learn to know people and know who to work with in the change to produce results. It has been a rewarding process for both parties with a lot of development underway.​

Another thing I have Appreciate much along the way is your feedback both on employees, managers and the culture. It is also an advantage that has had its impact on the process underway. The advantage of having an outsider who can observe, initiate and customize the process.​

I thought, however, it is important to point out that your success in this process lies in your ability to be present and confidence. You have managed to create an understanding, respect and authority among all employees and managers who do that people have listened and learned the things that have come from you. Which in itself is a huge success when you think of the intervening parties have been in. It is quite clear in my view that it will not happen by itself, it is as much something to be worked for, especially when you consider the change employees have been through, it’s not always easy to trust an outside consultant – so it’s a great credit to your efforts in the process and in fact also why we have chosen to use just you as long as the process.​”

Anne-Lise Bach Sørensen –Vice President | Sales | DSB

I have had the pleasure of working together with Jan during my time as Manager in DSB Travel Agency. We have used Jan in both courses of Team Work and sales. I have always experienced Jan as highly professional giving good feedback as well as following up. Everyone has always left the courses with usefull tools and insight in own development points.

Charlotte Svane – Headhunter​

Processen med at ændre kulturen med salg og kundeservice med DSB, gav os mulighed for at arbejde over en 3 år lang udfordring i forandringsledelse i hele salgsorganisationen af DSB. Undervejs fik DSB ny administrerende direktør, og vi blev involveret i ombygningen af 3 hovedstationer.

Processen med 650 medarbejdere blev gennemført gennem en involverende og konsekvent uddannelse. Hvert år havde vi alle medarbejdere på et 2-dages seminar for at involvere dem i den proces  der foregik og følge op på den proces, der blev lavet gennem året. ​

En af de store bestræbelser i opgaven var at gøre forandring interessant og motiverende for medarbejderne, de var nødt til at lære ved at gøre, vi opfandt “aktiv læring” moduler. Deltagerne fik mulighed for gennem aktiv leg at opdage de forskellige ting og færdigheder, vi underviste i.

Processen tog nogle af medarbejderne på en personlig udviklings rejse, da nogle af de ændringer påvirkede deres hverdag og opfattelse af deres ege selvværd og sindstilstand.