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Jan ended up being my go to guy on most things personnel related and provided Garmin Danmark with a multitude of services like DISC analyses, stress coaching, teambuilding, management development, sales negotiation courses etc. and even at one point did a full undercover risk analyses of our customer facing services.
Jan is an absolute “Jack of all trades” and at the same time a wonderful warm trustworthy and honest person.

Kenneth Aabenhus – Managing Director, Garmin Denmark

“As I entered the position of managing director for Garmin Danmark, I took on a massive amount of challenges and really really needed help, and Jan did a tremendous job on helping me shine and coordinate the enormous amount of changes needed. While officially taking on several smaller personnel related tasks around the organization, Jan also became my personal coach providing me the tools and advise needed to show strong leadership, control and manage the needed change and all in all be a much better me.

Jan has a very friendly and humble nature that enables him to very quickly get under your skin and at the same time with his sharp analytic superpowers get right into your actual shortcomings, doubts and concerns. Most coaches will at that point stop and ask “what do you think?” or “what would you do?” but Jan is different… Instead of keeping the distance, he go’s all in with you and is not afraid of giving actual advice based on his own experience or provide you specialist help from his enormous network. This might be breaking the first rule of coaching but it is profoundly effective and it gave me just what I needed.

Opgaven hos Garmin startede som en coaching session og uddannelse med 2 medarbejdere og den kommende administrerende direktør for virksomheden. Det endte med at være en inspirerende rejse på 3 år med en virksomhed i vækst. Vi lavede en forretning analysere og individuelle adfærdsmæssige analyser på alle medarbejdere.

Ledelse uddannelse og salg Executive Coaching. Individuel coaching af ledere og medarbejdere. Direkte rådgivning og mentorordning for den administrerende direktør i Garmin Danmark gennem hele den store forandring fra dansk til Nordisk ledelse.